Viewability. Fraud-Filtering. Brand Safety.

S.A.F.E (smart anti fraud engine)

At VertaMedia, we leverage our own deep machine learning & the state of the art external technologies to eliminate fraud and deliver exclusively high quality impressions.

In conjunction with our fraud prevention technology our customers can utilize the skills and experience of our brand safety team. 

leading audience scoring systems in a single place

What you get?

Robust Reporting

Within our programmatic buying platform we provide you with an extended reporting on your ad campaigns performance down to the lowest possible levels, including data sets about your visitors. We also involve pre-, mid- and post-campaign performance evaluation, so you can make grounded decisions for your higher ROI.

Viewability Tracking

Combining in-house technologies and third-party advanced systems that leverage predictive algorithms before your ads are even served, you can rest assured that your campaigns are viewable to your audiences.

Campaigns Performance Optimization

For you to get the best out of your advertising campaigns we involve a comprehensive process of reviewing and optimizing your targeting parameters, audiences and web inventory, so briniging into focus the dimensions that will bring you the highest ROI.

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