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VertaMedia’s new ad server leads the way in server-side header bidding

VertaMedia’s new ad server leads the way in server-side header bidding

March 08, 2017

New York, US, March 8 2017: VertaMedia, an award-winning video monetization platform for publishers, has announced the launch of its innovative new header bidding ad server, leading an industry-wide shift towards server-side header bidding.   

The new ad server provides publishers with the technical functionality required to create a server-side header bidding ecosystem on their websites. Rather than header bidding occurring on the user’s browser, server-side integration speeds up the process, reducing latency and maximizing publisher yields by allowing bids from more partners simultaneously.

In addition to the header bidding framework, VertaMedia has powered its ad server with RTB-bidder, meaning publishers can add any demand partner to the auction process, even if they can’t process header bidding calls. The ad server ensures transparency in the bidding process, informing publishers if VertaMedia’s ad exchange has an ad to show, and establishing a price before the ad call is made.

“Server-side integrations are clearly the future of header bidding, but they have introduced concerns around transparency,” commented Alex Bornyakov, CEO and Founder of VertaMedia. “Our new header bidding ad server reduces latency and maximizes publisher yields, but also addresses these transparency concerns by allowing a wide pool of demand partners to be added and providing publishers with unique visibility into the bidding process.”