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VertaMedia Partners with GeoEdge to Serve High Quality Video Ads to Publishers

VertaMedia Partners with GeoEdge to Serve High Quality Video Ads to Publishers

January 25, 2017

Case Study


Challenge When VertaMedia was founded, they undertook to deliver high-quality, relevant video ads and become advocates for web inventory as well. Although they developed an in-house solution, they quickly realized that the expertise and resources needed would fundamentally shift their business operations. As a result, they decided to concentrate on video ad serving technologies, their niche, and find a market leader to provide the technology that would safeguard their publishers and their publishers' video ads. VertaMedia sought a solution that would provide real-time tracking and highly ecient quality monitoring to serve safe and clean video ads.


With GeoEdge, VertaMedia is protected against malicious and problematic video ad campaigns on desktop and mobile. VertaMedia’s most pervasive issues, landing page errors and video ads with sound autoplay, are stopped in their tracks, and as a result, the number of complaints they receive has been drastically reduced. GeoEdge provides comprehensive video ad scanning better than any other vendor in the market, monitoring video ads for malware autoplay sound and non-compliance in maximum video length, VAST/VPAID loading time, supported media files, video frame rate, and more. Campaigns in breach of company policy are quickly detected and GeoEdge delivers actionable information to VertaMedia – including target, impact, source, and a live capture of the ad – to shut down the campaign swiftly. With GeoEdge, VertaMedia monitors and manages their ad inventory with ease and assurance.


VertaMedia has been able to deliver on their commitment to serve high quality video ads. They have successfully strengthened partnerships and increased their supply-side partners’ loyalty, and they no longer worry about ads harming the reputation and brand safety of their publishers. In addition, VertaMedia’s managers no longer waste time and resources on internal investigations to detect and identify problematic ad campaigns, and developers do not worry about issues with bad ads. By partnering with GeoEdge, VertaMedia is able to focus on doing what they do best and let GeoEdge take care of the rest.

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