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VertaMedia Improves the Accuracy and Efficiency of Video Ad Response

VertaMedia Improves the Accuracy and Efficiency of Video Ad Response

February 07, 2017

New York, NY, February 7, 2017 ( - VertaMedia, an award-winning online video advertising platform, has announced that its unique algorithm, VertaMedia™Intelli, is twice as efficient as other models at improving the time a server takes to receive a video ad response.

VertaMedia™Intelli is a predictive algorithm that analyzes real-time data from managed and programmatic demand in conjunction with historical data available within VertaMedia’s platform. It enables the creation of waterfalls in real-time, providing publishers with maximized revenue opportunities by mapping the best ad opportunity to the best placement. The decision is made automatically based on the best combination of CPM rates, Fill Rates, and Average Response Time.

VertaMedia™Intelli also enables publishers to tackle common issues with video ad response, including the prevention of blind campaign selection, whereby the server chooses a random advertising unit if certain criteria is missing. VertaMedia’s predictive algorithm has proven so successful in combating this problem that VertaMedia is in its final stages of applying for a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (US 2017/0024779 A1, is entitled “COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED METHOD FOR ONLINE DELIVERY OF ADVERTISING CONTENT”).

“VertaMedia is committed to maintaining the research and development of leading industry solutions, so it is great to see publishers reporting an increase in the efficiency of video ad response rates thanks to our platform,” commented Alex Bornyakov, CEO and Founder of VertaMedia.

About VertaMedia 

VertaMedia is a video supply-side platform that helps publishers to maximise their inventory in an increasingly programmatic advertising ecosystem. Its advanced, white-label technology uses a bespoke system, the VertaMedia™ Intelli algorithm, to instantly link publishers with the best demand source for each impression, delivering fill rates of up to 45% in an industry where averages are just 15-20%. Building on the success of this offering, which now includes 100+ global demand-side partners, the company has also recently launched Videe.TV — a monetisation widget for small and medium-sized publishers to ensure they never miss an ad opportunity. VertaMedia is headquartered in New York with offices globally and is recognised as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies by Inc. 5000, with 576% year-on-year expansion.