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"The most lucrative ad fraud operation" is under control

December 22, 2016

According to the recent articles in Fortune and CNBC about Methbot — a scam that uses a multitude of automated web-browsers and fake IP addresses to steal millions of dollars each day from digital advertisers, brands, and media companies. With a botnet covering Russia, Amsterdam and the US, it has been named 'the most lucrative ad fraud operation on record'.

Despite the fact that the bot generated a reported $3-5M in revenue/day we have seen minimal impact to our clients. We use a combination of fraud prevention technologies to prove effectiveness in identifying traffic generated by Methbot.

Following the identification of Methbot, we will continue to monitor the quality of our inventory and maintain high-quality impressions, as well as contributing to wider industry anti-fraud measures. This will involve both investment in technology that eliminates online crime and open communication with our customers about the steps we are taking to keep them safe.