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VertaMedia streamlines the process of ads.txt generating

VertaMedia streamlines the process of ads.txt generating

June 27, 2017

The IAB Tech Lab OpenRTB Working Group has recently announced the Authorized Digital Sellers .txt file (ads.txt) project initiated with the aim to create a public record for declaring who is authorized to sell web inventory, so bringing more transparency to the inventory supply chain.

The introduced solution comprises of a sample crawler for buyers that facilitates the procedure of collecting ads.txt data from domains and an ads.txt specification memo for publishers to help them accurately encode the file instructions and to be consumed by advertising systems.

VertaMedia supports the ads.txt mechanism and believes that it is high time to start actively working on eliminating counterfeit inventory across the ecosystem.

However, operating many domains publishers will have to devote sheer amount of time to collecting all their partner-advertising systems. Understanding these obstacles, VertaMedia released a solution that streamlines this process - ads.txt generator. All it takes is entering domains’ names in a field and pressing a ‘generate’ button. Once done the system will offer you to verify the data accuracy and here we are, you can download your ads.txt file! 

Generate your ads.txt now!