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VertaMedia’s Sell Side Platform is an upmarket video ad monetization technology with a fully-featured digital marketing ecosystem surrounding it.

Within our video advertising ecosystem, we facilitate the balance between major advertisers, top ad networks, trading desks and DSPs, thus guaranteeing you a stream of revenue from every ad opportunity.


What you get?

Access to Unparalleled Global Demand

Within our ecosystem you are able to get connections via VertaMedia Video Ad Exchange, that comprises major advertisers, top ad networks, trading desks and DSPs for your high video monetization yields.

Real-Time Robust Reporting 

At VertaMedia, we track your inventory sources performance, constantly optimizing the demand - so they bring you the highest possible profit. With our extended reporting, you’ll receive a full and detailed picture of your accounts' performance.

Fully-Featured API Access

VertaMedia SSP is built on our own fully-featured API and enables our customers an out-of-the-box white label solution with unparalleled inventory management opportunities.

Flexible Ad Server & Yield Optimization Fees

We provide you with competitive commission rates that flexibly adjust to your business model. 

Dedicated Personal Manager Support

Our developers and managers create the synergy that tailor-makes our offerings to fit your demands. From the moment you get on board with our programmatic buying platform we will provide you with dedicated online marketing services and a sophisticated video monetization strategy analysis.

Our Workflow Algorithm

ssp algorithm
ssp algorithm

To ensure a fast and beneficial trade process, a group of engineers and analysts developed VertaMedia™Intelli.

VertaMedia™Intelli is a predictive algorithm that analyzes real-time data from managed and programmatic demand in conjunction with historical data available within the VertaMedia’s platform. VertaMedia™Intelli allows to create automatically the waterfall for each domain in real-time mode, constantly updating it to provide publishers with maximized revenue opportunity.

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