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We are an official partner of prebid.js, one of the most popular header bidding frameworks.


VertaMedia Header Bidding Adapter


VertaMedia Header Bidding Ad Server


VertaMedia Header Bidding Adapter

Get access to multiple demand partners across VertaMedia AdExchange,
maximizing your yield with VertaMedia header bidding adapter for prebid.js.


What is header bidding?

On paper, header bidding provides a perfect solution to the inefficiencies of the ad-serving waterfall. Also known as pre-bidding or advanced bidding, the technology allows publishers to offer impressions to multiple demand partners simultaneously, before their primary ad server is called. 

This avoids the pitfalls of the one-at-a-time waterfall model and allows publishers to maximize yields while fully understanding the value of their inventory.
Read more on VertaMedia’s blog.

Why Header Bidding?


The strongest ever competition for your inventory

Header bidding allows adding numerous demand partners that compete for inventory in the most transparent way. 


No latency issues

Server-side integration tackles the issue of slow response time, reducing the latency issues. 


White glove

The integration process comes down to pasting a single tag on your web-site.

How it works

  • 1.When a user visits your website, the Prebid.js with enabled VertaMedia Header Bidding Adapter, located in the header script is called.
  • 2.An ad request is sent to each of the integrated Prebid.js adapters simultaneously.
  • 3.The demand sources hold their own internal auctions for the impressions.
  • 4.The demand sources return creative information with the highest bids they are willing to pay.
  • 5.Prebid.js aggregates all bids that are returned within the timeout threshold. The highest bid is passed directly into the DFP’s ad server as a line item associated with a specific price bucket.
  • 6.DFP evaluates the bids including all other demand like direct sold, sponsorship and dynamic allocation and chooses a winner.
  • 7.The winning creative is passed to the ad slot on the page and the appropriate ad appears to the user.

VertaMedia header bidding adapter

//Register VertaMedia bidder tag ID
pbjs.que.push(function() {
    var adUnits = [{
        code: 'div-gpt-ad-1438287399331-0',
        sizes: [[640, 480]],
        bids: [{
            bidder: 'vertamedia',
            params: {
                aid: 'xxxxx'
  • Add the following code inside the pbjs.bidderSettings code to allow VertaMedia to pass key-value pairs to DFP. See the Prebid.js documentation for details.
  • Create line items and set line item targeting in DFP for each bid bucket using the Prebid.js DFP documentation. By default vertamedia assumes that price buckets are split according to "medium" price bucket granularity.
  • Send a test page to your VertaMedia representative for review.

Good to know

As long as VertaMedia is focused on video, we expect a single placement\bid per one auction .

Make sure that your DFP line items match the bucketing in your prebid.js code.
If you have line items in DFP at $0.10 increments up to $20, make sure that the code on the page rounds into $0.10 buckets and stops at $20.
Use one of the three approaches below to define buckets:

Create key values for hb_bidder inside DFP even if you are using only Top Bid.
If you have more than one header bidding partner, using only the hb_pb key to target a single Prebid order does not allow you to pull reports on the performance of each partner. By creating the hb_bidder key and individual key values for each header bidding partner, you will be able to analyze the performance of your header bidding partners.
You can create the hb_bidder key and values using the steps below:

  • Login into DFP
  • Click on Inventory Tab
  • Create Key
  • Enter hb_bidder
  • Create values for each of your header bidding partners

Limit your header bidding partner participation to 3-4 at a time
More header bidder partners does not equal higher revenue. Due to increased page load and browser overhead, too many header bidding partners can potentially cause revenue loss due to the extra processing.

Why us?


Maximized Yield

You get access to more than 150 demand partners with all the benefits of monetizing your inventory via header bidding framework.



Control the latency, know if VertaMedia’s ad exchange has an ad to show, price before the ad call is made.


White Glove Support

Our technical team provides dedicated support with Header Bidder placement and player adjustment.


VertaMedia Header Bidding Ad Server

VertaMedia can provide technical functionality to create your server-side header bidding ecosystem. On one hand, you are getting access to VertaMedia AdExchange through Header Bidding Adaptor, implemented on your website, on another hand you are getting an ad server, where you can add demand partner even if they can’t process header bidding calls.

How does it work?

We have powered our ad server with RTB-bidder. This combination allows you to add any of your
demand partners to the bidding process in Header Bidding logic.


Why us?


    Real server-side header bidding

    You get access to the technology, which brings revolution to your auction process.


    Yield maximization

    Let your demand partner bid in real time to maximize your yield.



    Control the latency, know if Vertamedia’s ad exchange has an ad to show, price before the ad call is made.


    White Glove Support

    Our technical team provides dedicated support with header biding adaptor placement, and player adjustment.


    Management support

    Our adops managers provide you dedicated support for all partner integrations.

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