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Programmatic Video in Bloom

Programmatic Video in Bloom

March 02, 2016

According to the most recent Programmatic Branding report, 62 percent of marketers are now using programmatic for brand objectives. These marketers also expect their programmatic budgets to increase by an average of 37 percent by 2017.

As far as video-specific programmatic buying, 75 percent of senior marketers surveyed say they expect to shift more of their online video ad budget to programmatic by Summer 2016 – while two-thirds report already having transferred a large percentage of their TV ad budget to online video.

However, the current situation with programmatic is a bit cloudier: issues with latency and standards are making premium publishers wary of the channel, especially when their pre-roll inventory is already limited. 

To improve delivery and efficiency, tech providers like VertaMedia have developed algorithms to avoid dreaded VPAID errors and improve fill rates. VertaMedia's Advertising Director Alex Volker goes deep through the weeds of programmatic video, while also discussing the potential for outstream and what makes him giddy about the latest VAST update.

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