Video Ad Formats

Outstream Video Formats for Branding & Engagement

Leveraging outstream placements within the heart of premium editorial content,
we offer a range of creative formats to match your campaign objectives.REQUEST A DEMO

Publishers can expand their video advertising inventory beyond pre-roll with our innovative Interstitial, In-Read and  In-Banner outstream video ad units.

Our customizable video solutions utilize both HTML5 and Flash, allowing publishers to deliver high-impact video experiences across both desktop and mobile devices.

Interstitial Desktop
A desktop video ad that overlays the content of the page and disappears once the view is completed or if the user skips the ad and proceeds to their intended content.
Regular Detached
In-Read Desktop
This type of outstream video ad expands within an article once that placement area falls into user's viewable zone. When the video ad completes, the unit rolls up until the original layout is maintained. In-read ads usually provide a positive consumer experience at the same time helping publishers grow their revenue.
Regular Detached
In-Banner Desktop
In-banner is an outstream ad format with a video player unrolled every time a user reaches the viewable banner zone. Usually the sizes match standard IAB banner sizes like 300×250 and can be integrated on a wide range of websites.
Regular Detached
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